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What Material is Fiberboard

August 26,2021 by Jo Brown

The use rate of fiberboard in decoration is very high. Mainly because the fiberboard material is uniform. The vertical and horizontal strength is small. The advantage of not being easy to crack.

What material is made of fiberboard with these properties? Fiberboard is mainly made of wood fiber. After the application of urea-formaldehyde resin or other synthetic resins, it is pressed into a board with a density in the range of 0.50~0.88g/cm3 under the conditions of heating and pressure.

The non-compressed product is soft fiberboard. Its density is less than 0.4 grams per cubic centimeter. Medium density fiberboard is a kind of compression product. Its density is 0.4 to 0.8 grams per cubic centimeter. Those with a density greater than 0.8 grams per cubic centimeter are hardboard.

Fiberboard is divided into wet-process fiberboard, dry-process fiberboard and oriented fiberboard. According to the different processes of slab forming.

According to the different post-processing methods. There are ordinary fiberboard and oil-treated fiberboard.

The structure of MDF is relatively uniform. The density and strength are moderate. Its machinability is better.

The product thickness range of medium-density fiberboard is also relatively wide. There are many uses that can be used. Such boards can be used for furniture materials and TV housing materials.

Hard fiberboard products have a smaller thickness range. Probably between 3-8 mm. The strength of this fiberboard is very high. Hardboard with 3 to 4 mm can be used instead of sawn timber sheets with a thickness of 9 to 12 mm.

This density board has good physical and mechanical properties and processing properties. Can be made into plates of different thicknesses. That's why it can be widely used in the furniture manufacturing and construction industry as well as the interior decoration industry.

The acoustic performance of the fiberboard is good. It is used in the production of speakers, TV housings and musical instruments.

Fiberboard is more cheap than natural wood. Many ships, vehicles and sports equipment will use it instead of natural wood. Fiberboard is low-cost and easier to process.

The material of fiberboard also makes it versatile. It is often used especially during decoration. For example, in the decoration of house partitions and TV walls. This kind of board can be directly mounted on the wall after being shaped. After painting the wall, it is enough to paint it. This operation is convenient and saves a certain cost.

Fiberboard is the main board for making cabinets and wardrobes. But it cannot be used as a stand for furniture. Its force is not good. This kind of board can only serve as a barrier.

Pay attention if you use this type of board during decoration. Fiberboard can be used as the bottom of the drawer or the back wall of the wardrobe. Instead of using it as a load-bearing stand.

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