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Brief Introduction of Types of Interior Wall Coatings

August 21,2021 by Jo Brown

Interior wall paint is generally latex paint for decoration. It can be used for indoor wall decoration. Interior wall coatings have relatively high requirements for flatness. Generally speaking, the fullness of interior wall paint is better, and the color is mild and novel. It is also quite resistant to wet and dry wipes. It is an essential material in daily home decoration. Let's learn about the types and traits of interior wall coatings.

Low-grade water-soluble paint is a kind of interior wall paint. The paint of this material dissolves polyvinyl alcohol in water. Then it is formed by adding pigments and other additives.

The interior paint of this material is not resistant to water and alkali. Its durability is not good, and it is easy to yellow and change color over time. It will leave marks after wiping with a damp cloth. Once the coating is damp, it is easy to peel off. It is a low-grade interior wall paint suitable for general interior wall decoration.

Its advantage is that it is relatively cheap, non-toxic and odorless. It is more convenient during construction.

Latex paint uses water as the medium. It is a fusion of acrylic esters, styrene-acrylic ester copolymers, and vinyl acetate polymer solutions. Then add a variety of accessory ingredients to make it together. The film-forming material of this material is insoluble in water.

The trait of latex paint is that it has better water resistance. It is much better than low-grade water-soluble paint. And it will leave no traces after wet scrubbing. It has different decoration types such as flat gloss and high gloss. The coating of good quality latex paint will not peel off easily even after being damp.

The film-forming substance of colorful coatings is nitrocellulose. It is dispersed in the water phase in the form of oil in water. Only one spray is needed to form multiple color patterns. This paint is rich in color and has a novel appearance. The sense of plane is also relatively strong. The choice of decoration coatings is increasingly loved by people.

Porcelain-like coatings are based on a variety of polymer compounds. It is mixed with various additives, pigments and fillers to produce a bright paint. This coating is wear-resistant and resistant to boiling water. Its aging resistance and hardness are relatively high. For decoration, its effect is delicate, smooth and elegant. It's just slightly complicated in the construction process. The wet rub resistance is relatively poor.

Liquid wallpaper is a new type of artistic paint. This is a green water-based paint that combines the traits of wallpaper and latex paint. The performance of this coating is quite healthy. Users can arbitrarily modulate the color of the liquid wallpaper. Customers with specific decoration requirements can customize the effect at will.

New types of mud powder coatings currently on the market include diatom mud and seaweed mud. They are all relatively green paints. This kind of muddy paint is applied through a process with a special mold.

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