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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Rubber Floor?

August 27,2021 by Jo Brown

The Rubber floor is often used in the decoration process. Its most prominent feature is its high elasticity. Especially the foot feel is more comfortable.

The rubber floor material is relatively light. Can reduce the load of the building to a great extent. It is an ideal material choice for the renovation of old houses. The daily maintenance of the rubber floor is very simple. In daily life, you only need to wipe it with a damp and clean mop to be very clean.

The rubber floor performs very well in terms of impact resistance. It is not afraid of hitting. It is not easy to be damaged during transportation, installation and use. Rubber floor is widely used in indoor public places and many homes.

For families with children, the anti-slip properties of rubber floor are particularly commendable. This is unmatched by other hard floors such as stone and ceramic tiles. You will feel a sense of peace and relaxation when you walk on the rubber floor.

Green environmental protection is one of the advantages of rubber floor. This kind of floor uses harmless materials. And does not contain radioactive elements. This is very beneficial to the environment. It is a green product that is strongly advocated at the moment.

The high-strength characteristics of the rubber floor make its wear resistance good. It is especially suitable for occasions with heavy traffic, heavy traffic and heavy load. And it is also a natural insulator, which is very difficult to burn. The fire resistance rating is relatively high.

The service life of the rubber floor is also very long. No matter how long it is used, it will not deform when exposed to water. The performance of shock absorption and sound absorption is also very good. It can effectively reduce the noise impact from upstairs and downstairs. Create a quiet and comfortable atmosphere for the indoor environment.

What are the disadvantages of rubber flooring? The main disadvantage is that it will leave some scars if it is often corroded. This will affect the appearance of the rubber floor.

If there is a rubber floor, you should avoid liquid intrusion during normal use. If you accidentally spill ink and other acidic liquids on the rubber floor, you need to do the relevant treatment quickly.

The surface of the rubber floor is a soft structure. If the surface is damaged, it is difficult to repair. Therefore, you should avoid dragging objects such as tables and chairs directly on the floor during use. Sometimes even cartons and wooden boxes can scratch the surface of the rubber floor.

Rubber flooring should pay more attention to waterproof work in normal times. If the rubber floor is often immersed in water, it is very prone to bubbling or edge warping.

If you accidentally spill water on the rubber floor, you should wipe it off quickly. After wiping with a wet mop, you should wipe it off with a dry mop to protect the floor to a certain extent.

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