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Architreasure Weekly #1

January 13,2021 by Jo Brown

If you’re into buildings or have a love for architecture, boy do we have news for you! Every week, this time and day, we’ll do a round-up of the most inspirational architecture from all around the world. Things that will impress and inspire! Here’s series #1 in architecture worth bookmarking. (Bookmarkitecture?)

1. Thailand’s baan puripuri have envisioned this townhouse with a very strong Piet Mondrian meets Architecture vibe to it. Combine that with a private backyard garden and you’ve got the perfect home-sweet-home!

2. Glass and Aluminum cone together wonderfully to give the Global Cosmeceutical Center building in South Korea a professional look-and-feel. We love the repetitiveness of the design, with just mild changes from left to right, giving it sense of fluidity in rigidity.

3. Haven’t you always wanted to experience a car-wash from outside the car?! This temporary pavilion’s aim was to create an experience to satiate that strangely curious feeling!

4. We’re loving this front facade of the N1 Housing project by Studio Simovic. The balconies are flushed with the facade of the building and instead of windows, you have doors that open outwards, instantly transforming the view into a balcony. Not to mention, it looks so interesting from outside to see doors that seemingly open outwards into plain nothingness!

5. This two storeyed shack in the woods is a perfect way to escape the madness of the city. Plus, it has a sun-roof!

6. Located near an Odunpazari (wood market in Turkish), this Modern Art Museum actually uses and shows off layered strips of timber as a primary material for its construction. Witness how amazing the cantilevered sections look!

7. A modular community that fits above existing buildings in NYC to level the skyline. When buildings have air rights to build up to a certain height but don’t, the affordable housing can utilize the building’s unused “air right” to provide reasonable and modular housing. Stroke of genius!

8. Tall houses in the cities provide more floors for more occupants. This vertical house in Dallas sits among greenery. Its height allows it to rise above the foliage and provide a brilliant view of the skyline and the sunset!

9. Wouldn’t you love to live in one of the world’s seven wonders?? Or at least in a building inspired by it? Drawing inspiration from the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Garden Hill project in Birmingham comprises two staggered 25-storey towers, with private and communal gardens on each level of terraces.

10. A wooden house among the woods, the Qiyun Mountain Tree House has rooms with vastly different views, allowing visitors to bask in the awesomeness of the forest. A glass glazed gallery at the beginning of the house gives you a wonderfully stretched out panoramic picture of the greens.

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