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American Classics Reimagined

January 09,2021 by Jo Brown

In their vernacular forms the country cabin and beach house are most often envisioned as rough and woody as well as shingled and white-washed, respectively.  Finding inspiration in Woodstock, NY and Fire Island, NY, Italian architect Andrea Salvini’s conceptualizations of the classics have been updated aesthetically and to the era of eco-efficiency.

Designer: Andrea Salvini

The Crab House’s updated stilt design was inspired by- you guessed it, the legs of a crab.  The architectural verticality of this project is in response to an effort to preserve the existing garden area.

Inspired by the work of Andrew Gellar, the Hexagon beach house is striking and unique.

The Modern Cabin’s design was developed through minimizing and stylizing the lines and architectural elements of the classic American cabin.

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