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  With over 90 workout modes, can the Huawei band 6 help us reach our fitness goals?

December 08,2021 by Jo Brown

  Smart bands have helped to revolutionise the ease of tracking your health. What was previously specialist equipment is now available in a relatively cheap package, and the look and feel of the bands have come a long way since their earlier iterations too.

  The Huawei band 6 is the latest release from the Chinese tech giants, and the progression in the wearables market is apparent from the off.

  A big and bright 1.47” AMOLED display leaves previous versions firmly in the shade, while its claimed features could rival some of the top-end running and triathlon watches. Throw in an RRP of £59.99 (and a currently discounted price of £39.99), and the Band 6 might just be the best pound-for-pound fitness tracker on the market.

  But how does it fare when put to the test?

  How we tested

  We wore the smart band huawei continuously for two weeks to test its claimed battery life, while also seeing if it was as comfortable to wear sleeping as it was when out and about. Activities tested included walking, running and cycling, and we wore a dedicated triathlon watch alongside to see just how accurate a relatively cheap piece of kit can be.


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