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This 182-Square-Foot Sustainable Tiny House Is Shaped Like a Leaf

November 04,2021 by Jo Brown

This tiny house is the epitome of sustainable living . Not only is it made with natural materials , but it’s also shaped like a leaf to reflect the importance of Mother Nature.

Designed and built by architectural firm Liberté Tiny Houses, this 182-square-foot home called Makatita was built with the natural elements in mind. Its structure is entirely clad in pine, creating a cabin-like coziness that reflects a minimalist design. The client who requested the house enjoys walking, crafting, and bushcraft, so the team tried to reflect that within in her new home.

An open-air deck welcomes you at the entrance, which blends well with the organic shapes that make up the tiny house. Like mentioned above, the micro cabin was shaped like the foliage in nature. “The shape of the house was inspired by the lines that appear when you carefully fold a leaf,” designer Gijsbert Schutten explained. “The window shutters give the effect of the way light scatters through the forest.”

Inside, the minimal style continues. The interior is furnished with simple objects: a fireplace that sits on top of a bench (with firewood storage underneath), a tree-stump stool, a folding table that comes out of the wall, and a ladder that leads up to a sleeping loft with twin mattresses.

Floor-to-ceiling glass panels further connect the indoors with the outdoors, which is made possible through the angled roof. Everything about this design is thoughtful toward nature, making it the ultimate sustainably driven retreat.

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