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Noah’s Construction Remix

February 09,2024 by Jo Brown

Designed by 2-B-2 Architecture to be a reflection of the Biblical story of Noah and the Ark. To describe it, 2-B-2 chooses a refuge on the top of Mount Ararat in Turkey. This refuge consists of two levels. First is the entrance and parking for over 1000 cars. This area spills over unto the human areas, allowing avoidance of cheerless urban landscape and prevents the strong heating of the vehicles.

At the entrance is the short term parking, and further in longer term for goin on into the buildings for bigger business. There, people can visit the Intercontinental hotel, 101m in height consisting of 28 floors with the presidential suite right up top. Residential houses in this complex take up 16 floors, 60m in height are contained by two apartments 200 and 220m2 in area on every floor. Up top are suites and lofts 400 m2 in area.

In the way these apartments/living spaces have been planned, the people living in them will not be limited by anything but the size they’ve been given. Ownership is blessed with the nearby office center, trade center, and business centers, all accessible at the first level in the parking area.

So. It’s possible that it’s basically an ark. Of course you’ve got to consider that in effect it’ll be just like a tiny city, owing to the fact that you’re gonna need imports and exports, but look, it’s amazing!

Total area: 41408 sq Building area: 13850 sq Author: 2-B-2 Architecture Architects: Dmitry Burnashov, Andrey Bondarenko

Designer: 2-B-2 Architecture

A Wally Oasis

Thinking about how ecology plays a role in urban spaces is a re-emerging trend in design. The Symbiotic Green Wall takes the idea of wall beyond its dividing role. It provides a vertical system for an entire ecosystem to exist. The wall collects, purifies and redistributes water around the site using natural processes. A digital monitoring system sheds light on water usage and overall health. It even cleans itself with purified water. I would love to see more of these sculptural installations in big cities around the world.

Designers: Kooho Jung & Hayeon Kelly Choi

Big Dreams in a Small House

One look at the interior of this mountain lodge and you’d never know that it’s a mere 538 square feet. Using material continuations, like the raw barn-wood floor that extends upwards to the wall at random sections, the space appears larger while maintaining that warm,cozy lodge vibe. Extra tall ceilings and lots of carefully placed windows add to this openness while providing perfect views of the contrasting wild terrain.

Designer: Igor Sirotov

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