Instagram Star Dude With Sign Has an Official Cardboard Game Now

December 03,2021 by Jo Brown

Instagram star Dude With Sign has turned his comically absurd protest signs into the ultimate party game . The dude — who took the Internet by storm by holding up cardboard protest signs that contest the trivial (“Not everyone needs a podcast,” “You can get the vaccine without posting it,” “Peeps are disgusting”) — has teamed up with What Do You Meme for an official Dude With Sign Cardboard Game , available exclusively at Target for $24.99.

The party game for adults will dare players to do ridiculous things — ones that will make their parents wonder, “Where did I go wrong?” per the media release. Ideal for at least three players or more, the Dude With Sign Cardboard Game includes 300 Dare Cards, 50 Wild Cards, two markers, one piece of cardboard, and one Dude Coin. “Flip the coin and let fate decide your dare,” the product description reads.

Some of the dares include, but are not limited to, “Dance sensually to smooth jazz. Allow others to record,” “Call a random person and sing [song choice here]. Don’t stop until they hang up (ex. ‘Don’t Stop Believing’),” and “Make out with yourself using a mirror.”

What Do You Meme released a promotional video for the cardboard game that cautioned, “Prepare to leave your dignity behind.” It continued, “All you need is a few bold friends. Fill up the cardboard, flip your coin, and prepare for regret.”

Dude With Signs is the brainchild of Seth Phillips (the titular dude with the signs) and Jerry Media founder Elliot Tebele. Phillips initially took to the streets of New York in 2019 with a cardboard sign that read, “Stop replying-all to company-wide emails,” a photo intended just for Tebele’s Instagram account, according to Phillips’s Forbes interview. After the success of a second protest sign (“‘Seinfeld’ is way better than ‘Friends’”), the duo launched the Dude With Signs Instagram, which has since amassed 7.5 million followers. Follow Dude With Signs for more absurdisms.

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