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How Many Types of Carpets

August 20,2021 by Jo Brown

Many homes put a soft carpet in the living room. There are many types of carpets. The category of carpets can be divided in terms of material, product form, weaving process and surface fiber.

The carpet products sold on the market are named mainly according to the material of the carpet. There are mainly pure wool carpets, blended carpets, plastic carpets, silk carpets and loop pile carpets.

Pure wool carpets refer to carpet products made from sheep wool. Pure wool carpets give people a soft feeling. The pulling force is strong. There is a good performance in resilience. This type of blanket has beautiful patterns and bright colors. The texture is thick and it feels comfortable to step on.

It has good anti-static performance during use. Even if it is used for a long time, it is not easy to age, and it is not easy to fade. Many high-end guest rooms, living rooms, and stage floors will be decorated with blankets of this material.

Blended carpet refers to a carpet material made by adding a certain proportion of chemical fibers to pure wool fibers. Because this type of blanket is mixed with synthetic fibers, the price and cost are relatively low.

This kind of carpet is not very different from the pure wool carpet in terms of pattern, color and texture. However, it overcomes some problems of pure wool carpets. For example, the drawbacks of being intolerant to insects, corrosion and mildew. It greatly improves the wear resistance of the carpet. The price has been greatly reduced. The scope of use of this kind of carpet is relatively wide.

Plastic carpets are made of polyvinyl chloride resin, Plasticized materials and other auxiliary materials through uniform mixing and then plasticizing. Carpets of this material are relatively thin in texture and feel hard. It is greatly affected by temperature changes, and it is prone to aging. However, this kind of material is much better than other materials in terms of moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, insect resistance and scrub ability. Especially it has a certain flame retardant. There is the advantage of low price. Because of its water resistance, it can also play an anti-skid role in the bathroom.

As the name suggests, silk carpet is a high-end floor and wall decoration. Carpets of this material have condensed the wisdom of generations of craftsmen, and are of great practical value and collection value. Of course, the price is expensive.

Loop pile carpets are planted with yarn tufts on the main base fabric. This creates an irregular surface effect. Because of its close connection between the tuft rods, this carpet is suitable for areas that are frequently stepped on. Mainly because this kind of carpet is not only wear-resistant but also very convenient to maintain.

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