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Fireproof Materials for Home Decoration

September 01,2021 by Jo Brown

Fireproof materials are the most ignored in the decoration process. People's awareness of building fire prevention is not mature. Fireproof materials are important factors. They are related to the safety of family life and property.

There are many fire prevention materials in the market. They are fire prevention boards, fire doors and fire prevention wooden window frames. There are fire prevention roller shutters, fire prevention and mothproof wood. There are fire prevention glass, fire prevention coatings and fire prevention storage boxes. Fire prevention bags and fire prevention plastic materials are good. Fire prevention blocking materials are important.

Fire boards and fire doors are common in firewall openings. They are used in stairwell entrances and exits. They are used in pipeline well openings and other parts. They play an important role in fire separation and reduction of fire losses. Fire-proof board is the most common material in the market. Its advantages are fire prevention, moisture resistance, wear resistance and oil resistance. It has many varieties of colors. Installing fire-proof ceilings at building exit passages is important. It can ensure safety of people in case of fire. They protect people from the spread of fire.

Fire retardant coating is a special kind of fire-retardant protective coating. It can prevent the spread of fire. Fire retardant coating is applied on the surface of the substrate. It is antirust, waterproof and wear resistant. It has heat resistance, coating toughness, coloring and certain glossiness.

When selecting fire retardant coating products, one cannot believe in low prices. Choose a reliable brand. We should check the product quality inspection report. Other specific matters are important.

Fireproof floor plays an important role in home decoration. It is through the flame retardant treatment of fiberboard, plywood and other substrates to make them reach a certain flame retardant grade. It has a certain flame retardant function.

Only composite reinforced floor has fire prevention function on the market. The fire-retardant effect is not obvious on pure wood floor and bamboo floor. Fire test can be carried out when purchasing. Fire-resistant floor with good flame-retardant effect can be selected.

Fire doors are divided into several kinds. They are wooden fire doors, steel fire doors and stainless-steel fire doors. Fire doors are used in firewall openings, stairwell entrances and exits, pipeline well openings and other parts. It plays an important role in fire separation and reduction of fire losses. Wooden fire doors are light. They are convenient for secondary decoration. They are suitable for all kinds of civil buildings. They are suitable for some industrial buildings.

Most wallpapers are fireproofed. The fire prevention levels are different. It depends on the use environment. The fire prevention grade requirements for household wallpapers are low. The fire prevention grade of wallpaper in public places and facilities is high. No toxic gas is required after wallpaper burns. It is used in dry and difficult-to-ventilate places.

We not only require firmness and beauty for decoration. We need special materials such as fire prevention and waterproofing to ensure the safety of the house. It is important to choose good fireproof materials.

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