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Exterior Paint Color Trends We’re Head Over Heels in Love With

October 19,2021 by Jo Brown

Most of what we write about on Apartment Therapy has to do with what’s inside your home, but today we’re taking a look at your home’s exterior, which could possibly use a little love too. Whether you want your home to stand out a little from the others in your neighborhood, or you’re just searching for a way to make your home’s outside as stylish as its inside, you’ll find plenty to inspire you in this roundup of the latest color trends for your home’s outside.

Black with Light Trim

Black’s become a major power player in the world of exterior paints. Above, a summer cottage from Bo Bedre , in an unexpected choice for the beach, but it’s a strong, impactful statement. White trim really stands out against the inky darkness.

All Black

An all-black exterior is one of my favorite trends for your home’s outside. It may seem counterintuitive, but painting your home all one color (or painting it all black, but picking a slightly darker or shinier color for the trim) can play up your home’s structural features, drawing attention to its architectural qualities.

All White

There’s a reason we chose all white for our nation’s most famous house: it just looks great. (Also, many buildings during the classical revival were painted white, due to the mistaken belief that the Greek and Romans always eschewed color.) This may result in a little more exterior maintenance, but it’s certainly a striking look, especially for a farmhouse-style home.

Candy Box Colors

Soft pastels, on the exterior of a house, are as lovely now as they were when I was a kid (if your HOA will let you get away with it).

A Contrasting Front Door

Another way to approach color, in moderation, is to paint just the front door. You often see doors painted in red, but really, the sky’s the limit .

Grey + Dark Grey

If black-on-black is just too much, try the more moderate (and traditional) grey-on-grey. This tone-on-tone look will give the exterior of your home a little extra interest and dimension.

Cream and French Grey

A cream-colored exterior with french grey accents is reminiscent of a villa in the South of France, and is also very HOA-friendly. Here, the grey of the doors is carefully matched to the tone of the shingles.

Black Trim

If your home has beautiful windows (or other architectural features), this is a great way to draw attention to them. Paired with a white exterior, black trim is an especially arresting look.

Dark Colors + Natural Woods

A lot of suburban homes have accents in either brick, stone, or wood. You can get a stylish look, and pump up the contrast between siding and natural wood accents, with a dark-colored exterior.

Dark colors (here, a dark grey) can also look especially nice with brick. Pay special attention to the underlying tones in your home’s brick or stone to make sure that the color you pick will make a good match.

What exterior colors are you loving these days?

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