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7 Easy (and Affordable) Ways to Adultify Your Home

December 31,2021 by Jo Brown

If we’re being totally honest, a walk down memory lane can be a very cringe-worthy experience. How many pictures have you looked at in total disbelief that you actually left the house with crimped hair, layers of eyeliner, and a hot pink velour sweatsuit? Yeah, not our finest moments.

Looking at pictures of your previous living spaces can elicit the same embarrassment. Before you became a stylish design enthusiast, you probably covered your walls in cheesy posters and lounged in a compact, yet cheap, nylon butterfly chair. And if you’ve been living in the same space since you graduated from college or moved out for the first time, there’s a good chance some of those outdated design elements are still lurking in your space.

We firmly believe your home is a reflection of you and where you are in life, so it’s about time your digs represent the mature, sophisticated adult that you really are.

To help, we asked five design experts to share easy (and affordable!) tips for adultifying your home. Because having a beautiful, grownup space doesn’t have to break the bank:

1. Wonder Walls

“Hang framed art on the walls. Art and frames don’t have to be expensive either. You can pick up small prints at a local market or on Etsy and frame them with standard size frames from Target , IKEA , or EQ3 . Create your own gallery wall mixed with prints, photos, or framed momentos.” — Alessandra Wood, interior design expert and director of style at Modsy

2. The Full Picture

“Get adult accent furniture, such as a coffee table and side tables. Think about where someone would want to set down a drink if you were entertaining them in your living room.” — Alessandra Wood

3. In Full Bloom

“Having fresh flowers in your space makes it feel polished in a flash, but actually making a bunch of poppies look good is always harder than it seems. Enter one of my favorite home discoveries of last year: flower-frog vases . Basically, they have holes in them that you just slip stems into, and you’re set. No fancy arranging skills required!” — Erica Cerulo, co-founder of Of A Kind

4. The Temporary Treatment

“Two words: Removable wallpaper. One of the signs of an adult apartment is to actually have a point of view and commit to it. Removable wallpaper is a great way to incorporate a grownup sensibility without the major price tag. It’s easy to install and if you’re a renter, you can remove it without the hassle of traditional paper.” — Danielle Walish, creative director at The Inside

5. Get Lit

“Make sure your place has good lighting in all rooms. Layered lighting is key in a sophisticated, adult space.” – Lori Dennis , interior designer and Lamps Plus brand ambassador

6. Take a Seat

“Get a couch and ditch the lawn furniture as your main seating solution. It’s not just a sign you’re now embracing adulthood, but it’s also a nice gesture to have your guests be able to sit on something besides a palette, a folding chair, or worse, the floor.” — Jean Liu , interior designer

7. Rear Window

“Consider purchasing drapery panels. It’s a great way to class up any space. Get ready-made panels and take them to the local dry cleaner or tailor to have them hemmed as a cost saving measure.” — Jean Liu

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